• “Frameworks was contracted with The Center for Human Services to lend behavioral support with a difficult client in the Wraparound process. The consultant’s professional approach is evident in the meticulous daily observational reports sent to the entire wraparound team. The consultant has focused on strength based approach and is able to offer positive insights while acknowledging the challenges faced by the person(s) being observed. The consultant is organized, has phenomenal data recording systems utilizing graphs and other visuals to visually see fluctuations in client’s behaviors, as well as her use of creative approaches to problem solving with the client. Frameworks has been a tremendous support to the Wraparound staff, meeting with each individually, attending team meetings, and has been an active team player in the wraparound process. The consultant is a true professional, is personable and knowledgeable of special education and of behavioral science.” Angelica Espindola, Wraparound Facilitator: Center for Human Services
  • “Without the help of Frameworks, I could not have gotten the school to listen to my concerns about my special needs boys. I had been ignored for 2 years. I was deeply frustrated. The consultants explained my rights to me and which steps to follow to initiate meetings with the school. They attended these meetings with me, which made the school team take me seriously for the first time. The consultants were very professional, diplomatic, and had some great creative solutions for accommodations for my boys. They knew how to speak the language of the education system and which accommodations we could ask for. Not only did they advocate for me, but they were well-liked by the school staff, which really helped the process. My boys now have excellent placements within the district, their needs are being met, and our lives have changed for the better.” Melinda W., Parent
  • “Frameworks has been crucial to the success of many of our families. Their assessment process and individualized plans are responsive to behavioral challenges as well as being culturally competent and easy for families to implement. Their interpersonal skills are impeccable and their collaboration with multiple systems and wraparound is superb.” Candace Hunsucker, Wraparound Program Manager: Center for Human Services
  • “Frameworks was hired to plan and organize three consecutive weekend retreats for our families. Frameworks customized these retreats, based on information gathered from our staff about what would be meaningful to our families. Each retreat was built on the preceding one, making attendance to each one intentional. The transformation of the participants at the end of the third retreat had a semblance of summer camp coming to an end, and everyone hugging and crying at the thought of saying ‘good-bye’. For our families this experienced will be etched in their memories to stay.” Josee Perez, BA, CPC :  Center for Human Services